Friday , May 26 2017
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Telangana Cabinet Meeting today after three months

Hyderabad: Telangana Cabinet meeting is scheduled today after three months. The last meeting of the cabinet was held on 10th June. It was postponed twice earlier. The agenda of the meeting includes irrigation projects, especially Pronahita, Chevalla Project and Supply of Cheap Liquor by the Govt. in order to save people from using Gudamba. It is being opposed by various women’s organizations. The Cabinet will also discuss regularization of contract employees working against 50000 posts. The guidelines of the scheme to construct two bedroom houses will also be discussed and finalized.


There is no possibility of discussing 12% reservation for the Muslims. If 50000 vacancies are filled up, Muslims would get 2000 jobs as per the existing 4% reservation for Muslims. If 12% reservations are provided to the Muslims, they would get 6000 jobs. In this manner, Muslims are losing 4000 jobs. Dy. CM who is representing Minorities should make an attempt to get 12% reservation issue included in the agenda. Mr. KCR had made a promise before elections that he would provide 12% reservations to Muslims within 4 months of assuming charge as CM but even after the lapse of 16 months nothing has been done in this regard.


Govt. has constituted a commission of enquiry which assumed charge 6 months after its formation. It will take some more time to submit its report. If this situation continues, the issue of providing 12% reservation to Muslims would only be a lip service.


It is understood that CM is going abroad on 8th September to attend World Economic Forum meeting. He will be accompanied by Mr. KT Rama Rao, IT Minister and Mr. J. Krishna Rao.



–Siasat News