Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Teenager influenced by Akshay Kumar movies arrested for murder

Wanting to live a lavish Bollywood-style life forced 18-year-old Deepanshu to commit a crime. The teenager who was impressed with the fancy lifestyle shown in movies allegedly stabbed two elderly people to death with a pair of scissors in central Delhi, last month.

Deepanshu, son of a daily wage worker used to accompany his father to central Delhi locality, where the victims stayed. With a motive of robbery he entered the house of victims Seva Ram (92) and Shahsi (62). According to investigators, the accused during interrogation revealed that he did not expect any resistance and the primary motive was robbery. Things turned ugly when the female victim tried to raise an alarm; in the spur of the moment, teenager stabbed her multiple times, using the scissors he had found in one of the drawers in the living room. The male victim–Seva Ram, met the same fate when he tried to stop the accused, after hearing his daughter-in-law’s screams from the other room.

“He had stolen a mobile phone and Rs20,000 in cash. The accused told us that he wanted to have a life with plenty of money to spend,” the DCP said.

The officer also said that Deepanshu told his interrogators that he highly influenced by movies of the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. “The accused revealed that he is a fan of Mr Kumar and heavily influenced by films like Khiladi, Mohra, Anjaam and others films of the famous actor,” added the DCP.