Friday , May 26 2017
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Taylor Swift Plans To Retaliate Against Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift plans to retaliate to the shade thrown at her on “Saturday Night Live” episode , hosted by Miley Cyrus 22. Taylor gave no retaliation after Miley first dissed Taylor’s squad, but after an SNL skit dissed her again, that she’s ready to do so this time!

Miley may think it amusing and hilarious but Taylor reportedly didn’t see the humour in it and that just made her and Miley get a few bad blood feels.

considering Miley slamed Taylor’s posse in an interview with the New York Times back in August, the SNL skit poking fun at Taylor’s friend group seemed like something Miley would’ve thought up. Oddly enough, Miley wasn’t even in the video, but Taylor apparently had an inkling that Miley was behind it and Taylor is done being dissed without fighting back!

Taylor hopes that she will get her chance to cleverly deliver a retort when it’s her turn to host again.” In an interview with New York Times, Miley talked about Taylor’s squad where is she gathers “musicians, actresses, models, entrepreneurs” to form it. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus’ quarrel allegedly begun when the “SNL” visitor host swapped Taylor and Justin Bieber’s heads in a photograph on her Instagram account in July.