Friday , July 28 2017
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Swine flu outbreak: Gandhi Hospital gears up to combat it

Gandhi Hospital gears up to combat the swine flu virus after the officials warns of more swine flu cases in Hyderabad.

Dr K Narasimhulu, Nodal officer, swine flu centre, said that the centre has enough experienced staff and is equipped with medicines, syrups and vaccines.
On the use of swine flu vaccine, Dr Narasimhulu said that vaccine cannot give full protection but some relief.

Doctors advice to drink plenty of water even if the weather is cold as the water will wash out the virus in the blood. “If possible drink fresh fruit juices without ice”, said a senior doctor.

He said if any one experience symptoms like common cold with breathlessness, fever, cough, palpitation, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, loose motions with dehydration contact immediately the nearby physician or chest specialist or Nodal centers at Gandhi and Osmania and Fever hospital.

Dr K Narsimhulu recommends avoiding cold food items and beverages which would cause allergy and the chance of getting influenza. With vaccination, some people may have adverse effects on brain, kidney and spine, he added.

The people over 65 years, pregnant women, children, people with diabetes and kidney related disease, BP, lung disorder, allergy, hypo thyroid, cancer, joint pain, HIV patients are more vulnerable to swine flu, he said.