Monday , July 24 2017
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Supermodel Ayyan Ali decided to turn to religion

Islamabad: Pakistani supermodel Ayyan Ali, who is released from prison after being granted bail, has now decided to turn to religion.

According to the local media reports, Ayyan Ali is in contact with Tariq Jamil, a popular Tablighi Jamaat member to seek counselling on how she can become a practicing Muslim and requesting him to guide her so that she is on the right path.

Ayyan Ali was in tears when she spoke to Tariq Jamil on phone, the reports said.

Presently, Tariq Jamil is in Makkah for Haj, and Ayyan Ali get in touch with him with the help of a common friend.

The media reports said Ayyan Ali is in conversation with Tariq Jamil and said she had read translation of Surah Tauba of the Holy Quran while in jail and it was then she had made her mind to shun showbiz and turn to religion.

It is expected that Ayyan Ali will meet Tariq Jamil in person when he returns to Pakistan after performing Haj.

The Dubai-born 21-year-old was caught carrying a half-million dollars in cash in her suitcase when she was stopped in Islamabad Airport in March 2015.

She however, granted bail by a Lahore court before leaving a high-security jail in Rawalpindi, south of Islamabad, in July 2015.

Earlier, actress Veena Malik had confessed that her meeting with Tariq Jamil had changed her life. Away from showbiz, a devout Muslim living a happy life.