Friday , May 26 2017
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Subway serve ‘live worm’ when ordered chicken roast salad

Aishwarya Sati, a Delhi-based journalist, when ordered a nutritious salad, gets the shock of her life when she found something slimy crawling around the lettuce and the olives.

She visited the popular American food chain Subway outlet at the Panampally Nagar in Kochi at 10pm on Thursday night with her friends for dinner and ordered chicken roast salad and it was only after taking three-four bites spotted the live worm.

“We called the manager, and he apologised profusely,” she said. “We decided to take photographs but because they weren’t clear enough, we decided to shoot a video instead,” Sati added.

According to Sati, when they live worm showed to the Subway employees, the manager was very prompt and also compensated them for their meals.

The food chain is unique and its cleanliness and freshness standards are supposed to be high but the food served to costumers reveals an entirely new story.