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Student in Rajasthan exam forced to remove Hijab, later Dupatta

Jaipur: Sadaf Naseem who was appearing for Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) exam never thought that she had to face this unpleasant event.

The Rajasthan police told Sadaf to first remove her hijab and also her dupatta, as pre-condition to appear for RAS exam which was conducted by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) Saturday October 31.

The shocking and disgraceful act by the Rajasthan police had left Sadaf mentally tortured and totally disturbed.
Hailing from Bijnaur, Uttar Pradesh, Sadaf is currently residing in New Delhi narrated the incident to Ummid on phone. She cracked the exam last year but not appeared for finals for the reason that it clashed with her regular exam in Delhi.

Sadaf, recalling the incident, said she agreed to remove her hijab, but it was embarrassing and discomfit for her when the police also demanded to remove her dupatta.

“As soon as I reached the exam centre, I was told by the police to remove my Hijab. I hesitated. But realising that an argument with the police would waste time, I obliged and proceeded to my seat”, she added.

“But, a little after I assumed to my seat, a woman police personnel came and asked me to remove my dupatta. When I objected, some male police officers came and forced me to remove the dupatta”, she alleged.

“It was insulting and humiliating, totally against my constitutional rights as woman, and also as a person belonging to a minority community”, she said.

“In order to control cheating during the exam, they should use technology or some other means. But, they do not have any right to play with my dignity in the name of security”, she said.

Sadaf said the attitude of the police towards some male candidates was equally bad, and some of them were asked to remove their shirts.

“They were literally treating us like criminals. What expectation can we have from the students who would later work as civil servants but are accorded such a treatment during the exams”, she said.

The agitated Sadaf is now considering legal action against the Rajasthan police and also against the examination administration for, what she called their indecent act.

“I am seeking legal advice from my lawyers. I would be soon filing a case with the police and also writing to the National Commission for Minorities and National Women’s Commission against the indecent and outrageous behavior of the Rajasthan police”, Sadaf Naseem, a post-graduate in Political Science, said.