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Struggle essential to end Israel’s atrocities – Vicaruddin

Hyderabad: Mr. Syed Vicaruddin, Editor of Rahnuma-e-Deccan and Chairman of Indo-Arab league told that all the Indians should come together on a common platform in order to protest against the atrocities of Israel against Palestine. He was addressing a felicitation function held at Barkas organized by Yemenites in honour of Arab leaders.

Mr. Vicaruddin told that everyday unarmed Palestinians are being killed. Their houses are being dismantled and Jewish colonies are being constructed. Israel does not care for the resolutions of UNO. Those countries who voice in favour of peace have shut their eyes. Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru raised their voice in favour of Palestine throughout their lives. Before the independence of India the total population of the Jews in Israel was 1.40 lakh but now the population of the Muslims in India is 20 crore. A small number of the Jews have so much influence in our country that they can establish deep contacts with India. Our country is on the forefront in executing defence and trade contracts with Israel.

Due to disunity of more than 20 crore Muslims of India, their voice is not heard. Indo-Arab league has been struggling against the unauthorized occupation of Israel on Masjid Aqsa since 1967. Even today, if our Muslim brethren get united, our Govt. would bow down to our pressure. When 4000 Jews can get the Consulate of Israel opened in this country, why can’t 20 crore Muslims force Indian Govt. to end diplomatic ties with Israel?

Mr. Mohammed Osman bin Mohammed Al-Hajri gave the details of the struggles of Indo-Arab league in favour of Palestine. He told that Mr. Vicaruddin donated Rs. 25 lakh for Palestinians.

HE Mr. Adnan Abul Haija, Ambassador of Palestine thanked the people of Barkas and said that all the peace loving persons are raising their voice in favour of Palestine. HE Dr. Hasan At-Talib, Ambassador of Sudan, HE Mr. Hasan Mahmood, Ambassador of Jordan and HE Jamal Abdullah, Ambassador of Yemen were felicitated by the Yemenite tribes of Barkas.

–Siasat News