Saturday , May 27 2017
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‘Strong Modi opponent’ Digvijay dares people to send him to Pak

Bhopal, NOV. 28: Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Saturday backed Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s assertion on the growing intolerance and trained his guns at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, daring the well-wishers of the ruling dispensation to send him to Pakistan.

“I am Modi’s opponent; I want to know who has the courage to send me to Pakistan. His indication is against these kinds of statements. Aamir Khan has said with much grief in his heart. So, Modi ji must take this seriously,” Singh told the media here.

” Aamir Khan is a very popular actor. He is a very honest and a sensitive person. Why will the people have problem in what he has said. The leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) always ask those who are against Modi to go to Pakistan,” he added.

The Congress leader had earlier expressed his dissent over the issue of intolerance and said it was sad that Aamir and his wife Kiran Rao, who is a Hindu, felt like leaving India in the wake of the latest controversies.

“His wife is Hindu, she has also felt it, that with this kind of uncultured and intolerant atmosphere, it looks like those who are fighting against this will have to leave the country. This is a serious issue,” he told the media in Panaji.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had yesterday while addressing in the Lok Sabha sought to bridge the divide over growing intolerance.

Prime Minister Modi said that a diverse nation like India should rely on the Constitution to bind us all as he capped the day-long debate on the Constitution in both Houses.

Highlighting the importance of the Constitution, he said, “The government’s only religion is ‘India first’ and the only one book that it should follow is the Constitution.” (ANI)