Saturday , July 22 2017
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Strengthen Hindi to expand its reach, says PM Modi

Bhopal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said people must work towards strengthening the language of Hindi.

“We should try to strengthen the Hindi language by adopting fine things from different languages of the country…. Every state has great treasure and if we use Hindi as an instrument to connect them, our language will be strengthened,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“It is the responsibility of every generation to protect, if possible conserve, their heritage and introduce it to next generations,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi further said that though Hindi was not his mother tongue, he often wondered what would have happened to him if he hadn’t known Hindi.

“How would have I reached out to the people? How would have I understood them? I am well aware of the strength of language,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi also said the language has its own strength and people must continuously strive for enriching it.

This is like a ‘Maha Kumbh’ of Hindi, he said while addressing the 10th World Hindi Summit. (ANI)