Monday , July 24 2017
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Stop killing Beef eaters, JP urges leaders

Loksatta Party supremo Jayaprakash Narayan has urged the spiritual gurus and political leaders to break silence over frenzied mobs attacking those eating beef and slaughter houses without any regret like the Dadri killing incident.


In a pressnote here on Saturday, JP expressed shock over the mob attack on one section of the people in Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh alleging that they slaughtered a cow for beef. Describing the attacks as atrocious, JP stated that eating habits were personal and no one has any right to force others to eat what they eat.

Dr JP pointed out that human beings ate animal flesh till they started agriculture thousands of years ago. Aryans of RigVeda too ate animal flesh. He said several sects of humans perished due to the destruction of Thobha Mountain some 70,000 years ago and only thousands of people survived on the earth. He said it was not proper on the part of the people who were resorting to attacks on other section of people while chanting human beings are one on the other side. (NSS)