Thursday , May 25 2017
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People in Pak want relations with India to improve: Imran Khan

Stressing on the importance of dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said the people of his country want the relationship between the two nations should improve.

He said leaders with big vision are keys for betterment of ties between the neighbours.

“There is also consensus in Pakistan that relations with India should improve and talks are the way forward…Talks are important because acceptability of terrorist agenda gets overshadowed.Leaders of both countries should have big visions, only then big changes will occur,” he said at India Today’s ‘Agenda Aaj Tak’ event here.

“If leadership in Pak and India show the dream of open border no one will criticise,” he added.

Dismissing the reports that there were any differences between the democratically elected government in Pakistan and the military, Khan said, “We can’t see any clash between the two.”

The PTI Chairman, who met Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier today, said that he has told the latter that attempts would be made to disrupt the talks between India and Pakistan, and urged the leadership of both the countries to be wary of it.

He also said that his perception about Prime Minister Modi had changed over a period of time.

“Initially I was disappointed with PM Modi but now my perception has changed about Modi,” he said.

Further asserting that Pakistan has been victim of terrorism, Khan said that the Kashmir issue was the key in India-Pakistan relations.

“Resolve Kashmir issue for lasting peace as it is a sticking issue,” he said.

Khan is on a two-day visit to India during which he will attend a conference on India- Pakistanrelations. (ANI)