Wednesday , July 26 2017
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SRK Versus Salman Khan Fan Wars Upsets Shah Rukh Khan

Mumbai: Taking a stand against online trolling, superstar Shah Rukh Khan has asked his fans to refrain from abusing and deriding other films and actors on social media.

It seems the trigger was the usual fan-war between SRK and Salman Khan’s followers, which was laced with expletives.

While the two actors have buried the hatchet, some fans still continue to ridicule them.

Shah Rukh, 49, took to Twitter and said that social media gives people the liberty to say what they want but they should not misuse the power to troll others.

Calling the users, who use abusive language as “idiots”, the actor further tweeted,

A few months ago, Salman had warned his fans to stop trolling other celebrities, threatening to even quit social media because of “nasty, ugly, abusive” Twitter fights.

Recently, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor and actresses like Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra among others also took a strong stand against online trolling.