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Those who spread terrorism in Islam are the sinners – Interview with Shaik Nainoyi

Hyderabad: Mr. Mohammed Mubashiruddin Khurram, Correspondent of Siasat Urdu Daily held an interview with Shaik Mohammed bin Yahyah Nainoyi (US) in which he told that terrorism could not be a favorite action for anyone since no religion teaches terrorism. Islam has no concept of terrorism. Those who are spreading terrorism in the name of Islam are in fact committing a major sin.

Shaik Nainoyi told that everyone agrees to the fundamental principles of Islam and hence there is no scope of any deviation. He termed all the activities of IS as un-Islamic. However, they cannot be removed from Islam. They are committing major sins since Islam has strictly prohibited from taking the lives of innocent person. He further told that Muslims are facing wars, war crimes, migration and other issues. Whenever wars are taking place, its adverse effects are being cast on the Muslims. Be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria or any other country, everywhere Muslims are suffering.

Shaik Nainoyi told that Islam is the religion of Peace and Affection. If Peace and Affection are taken away from it, it ceases to be a religion since its identity is peace and affection.

The largest number of persons migrating from the Middle East is the Muslims. We should make an attempt to prohibit such incidents. It is not true to associate Muslims with the incidence of terrorism. Commenting on the prevailing scenario of the Middle East, he told that it is part of politics. At international level, politics is not practiced in an honest way. It is therefore not appropriate to comment on the political situation of the present world. He further told that there is a trend of knowing the truthfulness of Islam in the western countries. He told the youngsters to conduct research to know the real Islam. They should know who they are worshiping. He stressed the need to refrain from extremism. It is not possible so long as we do not create awareness among the youths. In fact, going away from Islamic teaching is encouraging terrorism. He felt sorry for the activities of IS and told that it is unfortunate that they are Muslims who are committing satanic actions. In order to refrain the youths from getting attracted towards IS, there is a need to educate them about Islam. He mentioned that to stick to Islamic faith is the true religion.

Citing an example from the reign of the caliphate of Hazrath Omer (RA), he told that once he was relaxing under a tree which an example that peace was prevailing during that period. He also told that there are various verses of the Quran and precedents of the tradition which preach us to stick to Islam. He said that it is not appropriate to differentiate between the companions of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). We cannot determine their status. In the same manner, we should not refute the good deeds of Islamic saint. Present on this occasion was Dr. Aleem Ashraf Jaisi, President of the Quran Foundation and Associate Professor of Arabic of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad.

–Siasat News