Sunday , August 20 2017
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Special training for SIs on Crime investigation held

The Hyderabad City Police has conducted a special training program on “Investigation” for 193 probationary Sub-Inspectors of 2012 batch to provide them in-depth knowledge on Crime Investigation and procedures to gather and evaluate evidence as well.

The training program was intended to make probationary SIs learn to distinguish different crimes and their key elements for applying appropriate investigating procedures with detailed knowledge and understanding of the key crimes and offences. They have been taught about the elements of fraud, bribery, blackmail, extortion, petty theft, misappropriation and so on and how to gather information from the scene of crime, physical evidence, victims, witnesses and other records so that they can determine how the crime has been committed and can identify and uncover the truth of what occurred and identify the offender.

This initiative was to expose them to the facets of investigation of organized crime network with sharp and effective skills which would update their knowledge base and investigation skills to handle the Modern day criminals.

The training program was designed to address the expectations of citizens of Hyderabad City and fulfill their mandate for a Crime free city. It was an initiative to prevent the occurrence of Crime so that the quality of life of the people in the City will improve and ensure safe living conditions and build a Crime free, secure and Safe Hyderabad City. (NSS)