Sunday , May 28 2017
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Sony unveils Aerosense’s drone prototypes

Washington: Japanese company Sony has released videos of two prototypes of its drones that they are creating, the AS-DTO1-E ‘experimental machine’ and the AS-MCO1-P prototype.

According to the Verge, last month, Sony announced that it was partnering with ZMP Inc, a Tokyo-based robotics company, to found a company called Aerosense for creating commercial drones. Aerosense will use drones to survey and inspect areas that are difficult to access.

The DTO1-E is like a miniature airplane with the ability to be able to take off and land vertically. Aerosense claims that the drone will be able to carry objects up to 22 pounds and fly for more than two hours at a maximum speed of about 106 miles per hour.

The AS-MCO1-P is a quad-copter. It is much smaller and lighter. It is also been loaded up with a camera, GPS and navigation system.

Aerosense does not make clear whether the DTO1-E is equipped with the same features or whether the two drones will serve different functions.

Sony plans to use these drones for targeting enterprise customers.

Aerosense will be based in Tokyo and plans to roll out services starting early next year. (ANI)