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Sonia, Rahul firmly believe they’ve divine right to be at 7, RCR, says BJP

New Delhi, Aug 14 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday said that Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi consider that they have a divine right to be the tenants of 7, Race Course Road (RCR).

Addressing a press conference here, Union Minister for Communications and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad said the problem of today’s politics is that the Congress is reluctant to reconcile itself to be in opposition.

“And that is the principal source of all the problems. It appears Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi firmly believe that they have got the divine right to be the tenants of 7, RCR (Prime Minister’s official residence) or a retainer on their behalf where they have full control,” Prasad said.

“But they can’t understand that the decision of this nation’s democracy isn’t done by two people, but by the 120 crore population of the country,” he added.

Claiming that the Congress follows two principles of ‘hit and run’ and ‘spit and run,’ Prasad said that he would urge Mallikarjun Kharge and Ghulam Nabi Azad politely that they should be patient as they will have to be in the opposition for long.

Sarcastically speaking, he said that the 44-member team will soon come down to four members. “The Congress Party is below 10 in many states of India and if this behaviour continues then they will come down to 10 in Lok Sabha as well.” he said.

Prasad also used the occasion to question the Congress Party’s strategy. “How many times will Sonia Gandhi try to package and repackage Rahul Gandhi? Under his leadership, Congress lost India, UP, Bihar, Jharkand, Bengal, Kashmir, Haryana and what not.”

” BJP firmly believes that when Sonia Gandhi realized that maybe Rahul Gandhi cannot be made the Congress President, he is sought to be foisted on the country,” he said. (ANI)