Thursday , August 17 2017
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Sisodia urges Nadda to provide night shelters at AIIMS

New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has urged Union Health Minister JP Nadda to make night shelter arrangements at AIIMS complex for the patients and their family members.

In his letter to Nadda, Sisodia said that many patients and their family members spend nights outside AIIMS as there are not enough night shelters at the institute’s complex.

“Several patients who come for treatment at AIIMS are forced to spend nights outside the hospital along with their relatives. As there are not enough night shelters, people spend night at bus stands and near metro stations.

“As you know that most of these people come from far-flung areas of the country and they do not have enough money to afford a hotel or lodge. Also being new in the city, they do not have the information about the nearby night shelters. In such a situation, they are left with no other option than sleeping in open outside AIIMS,” Sisodia said.

“In a humanitarian initiative, arrangements of night shelters in the AIIMS complex should be made so that patients and their family members do not have to spend night outside,” he said in his letter.

Sisodia also assured every possible help and coordination from the Delhi government in this regard.

He further said that his government is making efforts to ensure that no one spends night in open during this winter.

He said that the Delhi government has set 19,000 night shelters and tents for the homeless.

Also, it has launched a mobile-based application to rescue the homeless people during winter. Users can download the app and can initiate a rescue operation over the phone by taking a picture and posting it on the app.