Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Singaporeans Present Capital Master Plan To AP CM

The Government of Singapore today presented the Seed Capital Area (SCA) Master Plan to AP Chief Minsteri N. Chandrababu Naidu in Rajahmundry.
The Seed Capital Area Master Plan is the final of the three-stage Master Plan submitted by the Government of Singapore. The Master Plan is for an area of 16.9 sq. km, on the northern portion of the Capital City. The Seed Capital would be developed in overall five phases. Amaravati is envisaged to be developed as Smart, Green and Sustainable City. “In line of being developed as the People’s Capital of Andhra Pradesh, our aspiration is to create a vibrant, diverse, inclusive, and modern city which will be a symbol of pride for the people of Andhra Pradesh and India”, the Chief Minister opined. “My heartfelt thanks to the Government of Singapore for their dedication and fast pace of work”, he added.
The Chief Minister said October 22, 2015 has been decided as the day of laying foundation stone for Amaravati. “We need to begin ground work from that day.” Amaravati is a project which is being watched by people across India, the Chief Minister expressed. The six key factors taken into consideration for this Master Plan are “providing jobs and homes, world-class infrastructure, quality living, protecting identity and heritage and, resource management and environment.”
S. Iswaran, Second Minister for Trade and Industry, said, “This is where the beginnings of a great city will be established and Singapore is honored to play a small part through the master plans for Amaravati. However, our partnership with Andhra Pradesh will begin from this point by assisting them in the development of capital city. We will continue to collaborate on development of Amaravati.” The highlights of the Seed Capital Area (SCA) Master Plan of the Capital City will catalyse the development of Amaravati.
The Seed Capital Area is planned for about three lakh residents. Being developed as a vibrant business hub, a total of about seven lakh jobs are expected to be created in various sectors, including government jobs. The Seed Capital Area aspiration is to create a thriving state of the art Central Business District (CBD) for business and living. The Seed Capital Area master plan provides nodes and development corridors from transit-oriented development approach.
In line with the Capital City, the Seed Capital Area is planned on transit oriented development principles. To provide and enhance mobility and accessibility to the citizens, the master plan provides a transport hierarchy that comprises of an integrated network of metro rail network of about 12 km, bus rapid transit of about 15 km, downtown road of about 7 km, arterial roads and sub-arterial roads of about 26 kms and collector roads of about 53 kms, with varying broad right-of-ways.
The city being planned on sustainable development principles, extensive large open green spaces have been planned that shall add value to the urban ecosystem. The landscape would create world class aesthetic appeal to make city liveable and attractive. The iconic developments will include state-of-the-art government complex, city gateway, cultural centre, convention centre etc. The Seed Capital Area master plan provisions for waste management systems would enable innovative methods for waste collection, transportation, treatment and resource recovery such as Waste-to-Energy, thereby creating a resourceful, safe and healthy city. The Seed capital conserves more than 40% of the green areas and the blue areas in the seed capital sprawl over 50% of the Seed Capital. The Seed Capital Area development will be implemented on Public Private Partnership by selecting Job Creation and Investment Partner.
On arrival at Rajahmundry, the Chief Minister and Singapore Minister went to Sheldon Hotel in the same car. The delegation reached the hotel in a special bus. At the hotel, AP ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Prattipati Pulla Rao, Narayana, Devineni Uma, Achhennaidu and others welcomed the delegation. Speaking on the occasion, Singapore minister Ishwaran said: “We are ready to become partners of development of the State if A P government agreed. The delegation would hand over blue print (plan) of new capital city Amaravati to the government. (NSS)