Monday , May 29 2017
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Siasat’s reservation movement resonates in entire Telangana

The movement for 12% Reservations to Muslims initiated by Siasat Daily is gaining momentum day by day. Muslims of Telangana individually and collectively are joining the movement. The movement is being strengthened politically as well as socially. A sense of responsibility has been created among Muslims that reservations would be a far cry unless Muslims brace themselves for the reservations. 12 percent reservations would benefit atleast 10000 families and every year 300 doctors and 200 BDS would be produced among Muslim community apart from benefiting them in other educational fields.

Siasat Daily began this movement aiming at the rebuilding of new generation of Muslims. Muslims of Telangana always championed Siasat’s efforts.

Reservation movement also echoed in masajid on the occasion of Friday prayers. Muslims in the form of delegations reached government offices and demanded 12 % reservation through BC Commission.

Leaders of Tanzeem-e-Insaf submitted a memorandum to Tahsildar at Charminar Mandal office. Sir Syed Minority Educational and Welfare Society submitted memorandum to Bandlaguda Tahsildar. Telangana Rashtra Samithi Minority Cell submitted memorandum to Shamsabad Tahsildar. A delegation of Muslim League in Nizamabad submitted a memorandum to district collector, similarly a memorandum was also submitted to Bodhan Municipal Commissioner. A delegation led by Siasat correspondent Farooq Husain also met RDO Medak. TRS leaders submitted a memorandum to RDO Suryapet.

Similar memoranda were also submitted at Nagar Kurnool, Zaheerabad, Gambhiraopet, etc.

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