Sunday , July 23 2017
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Siasat to start a column ‘Awam kya chahte hain?’

Every resident of the city is paying text directly or indirectly to the government hence every citizen has the right to tell the government what he needs and what he is not getting. In a democratic system it is necessary that people should make their presence felt and make their demands so that government and public representatives are forced to concede to their demands.

People should shun their voiceless attitude and raise voice for basic facilities. Siasat will turn your voice to public voice.

Siasat starts a column ‘What public wants?’ ‘Awam kya chahte hain?’ readers can send their grievances regarding poor facilities of sanitation, roads, street lights, schools, ration shop, kerosene shop, primary Health Centre etc. Grievances for the column ‘What public wants?’ should be neatly written and must be sent to Siasat office.

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