Saturday , May 27 2017
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Sharif vows to protect minority rights

Karachi: Amid concerns over violation of rights of minorities in Pakistan, Premier Nawaz Sharif today said he is the Prime Minister of all Pakistanis and if a Muslim does any injustice with a Hindu he will take action.

Sharif made the remarks at a special Diwali festival at the Governor House where he met with members of the Hindu community and assured them that his government was committed to protecting minority rights at all costs.

“Pakistan is a country for all and I am the Prime Minister of all Pakistanis, no matter what religion, creed or caste they belong to,” he said.

The Prime Minister made it clear that if any wrong has been done with any Pakistani citizen be it a Muslim or Hindu it was his duty to provide them justice.

“If a Muslim does any injustice with a Hindu he can come to me and I will take action against the Muslim. In Islam it is duty of the government to provide justice to everyone specially the minorities,” he said.

Prime Minister Sharif’s remarks assume significance with leaders of the Hindu community protesting in the Parliament and outside over the problem of forced conversion of Hindu girls in the southern Sindh province.

Hindu leaders say this disturbing trend has increased in the interior areas in recent months because of the inaction of the government machinery and police officials.

Sharif, on the occasion, also announced the establishment of Bhagat Kanwar Ram Medical Complex in Hyderabad city and the renovation of Baba Gurdwara in Nankana Sahib district of Punjab province.

Attacks on Hindus and other minorities have also been reported from the restive Balochistan province.