Thursday , May 25 2017
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Shabbir Shah asks was Vajpayee Govt. wrong?

New Delhi, Aug 24 : Separatist leader Shabbir Shah on Monday questioned if the current NDA Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is better than the one led by Atal Behari Vajpayee’s with regard to the recent cancellation of the NSA level talks.

“Was Vajpayee wrong? Were NDA and UPA wrong all these years? Is this the only government that’s right about peace talks?”

He warned the current government that such situations could trigger war.

According to Shah, separatist leaders engage in talks so that war-like situations can be avoided.

He however rubbished the cancellation of talks. “Talks are the only way out. And eventually, both the governments will have to talk,” he said.

Shah re-emphasised on the prime status of Kashmir in any NSA level talks between India and Pakistan.

He called Kashmiris as the prime stake-holders in talks.

Shah had arrived in Delhi on Saturday for a meeting with Pakistani National Security Advisor Sartaz Aziz ahead of NSA-level talks, but he was detained at his residence in Delhi. (ANI)