Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Seminar on laughter tomorrow

A free public seminar by Physician-Founder of Laughter Club International Dr Madan Kataria will be held here on August 9 from 6 am to 8.30 am at Dr G.S. Melkote Park Walkers and Laughters Yoga Club, Jaiswal Street, Hari Vihar Colony, near Narayanguda Water Tank, YMCA.

In a pressnote here today, Manoj Kothari of the Park stated Dr Madan Kataria’s club today has 5000 branches all over the world. As most members found it difficult to laugh with no reason, Dr Kataria came out with an action plan to help people laugh without jokes and did some research. He said after a deep breath, everybody starts chanting Ho, Ha, Ho, Ha and they suddenly burst into laughter by stretching their hands up and looking at each other faces. This Ho-Ho, Ha-Ha exercise is akin to a yogic exercise called “Kapalbhati”. The session continues for 10 to 15 seconds.

Manoj Kothari said there are eight types of laughter: Silent laughter with mouth wide open; lion laugh with tongue out; Hanuman laugh and Ravan laugh; killing Ravan with laughter bullet; talking to God; ego blas; drinking lassi or hot coffee as per season and after every two or three laughs, we do pranayam. (NSS)