Saturday , May 27 2017
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Security tighetened in Bodh Gaya ahead of PM Modi’s visit

Bodh Gaya: Tight security has been put in place in Bodh Gaya ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit tomorrow.

Security personnel searched the Mahabodhi temple here using metal detectors and sniffer dogs.

The officials have expressed satisfaction with the arrangements,

We have come from Patna to examine the security arrangements here. There is a PM security drill prescribed in the manuals, and we are satisfied with the arrangements,” said Anjani Singh, Chief Secretary.

“The security arrangements are fool proof. We are confident tomorrow’s programme will proceed in a smooth manner,” said P K Thakur, DGP.

Prime Minister Modi, will visit Bodh Gaya on Saturday. He will also visit the Mahabodhi Temple and the Holy Bodhi Tree. He will also inaugurate the Exhibition “Chetiya Carika: The Pilgrimage and Quest for Truth.”

The Prime Minister’s visit to Bodh Gaya coincides with Day 3 of SAMVAD – the Global Hindu Buddhist Initiative on Conflict Avoidance and Environment Consciousness, during which the delegates for this event will be present at Bodh Gaya.