Monday , July 24 2017
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Seasonal diseases stalk Adilabad district

The uncommon adverse weather resulted in many people falling prey to seasonal diseases in Adilabad district, Health Minister C Lakshma Reddy and a host of senior officials visited the district.

Dengue and viral fevers are worrying people in the district with the toll mounting to 50 within a month.

Although, the health authorities discounted fears of outbreak of viral fevers, number of people suffering from malaria, typhoid and dengue cases are on rise. Prevalence of anemia, owing to malnutrition, is also rampant in the region, especially among the tribal communities.

A total of 497 cases of malaria have been registered in the district put together, starting from January. Based on community health centres’ data, a whopping 306 cases of typhoid have been reported alone in Utnoor ITDA area.

According to DM&HO G Rukminamma the district administration has been put on high alert to ensure that no fever case should go unreported. The health officials and local body members have been told to keep a track of people suffering from fevers.

Admitting that there were at least 10 deaths in the district recently, she maintained that the cause of deaths was yet to be ascertained as per the norms. Meanwhile, Health Minister C Lakshma Reddy accompanied by the Director of Public Health and Family Welfare Dr Y Lalitha Kumari visited several villages under Jainoor and Utnoor mandals and reviewed the situation.