Thursday , May 25 2017
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Scorching summer won’t melt chocolates now

Melbourne: Cheers to chocolate lovers because they don’t have to bother anymore about chocolates melting in the scorching heat.

A Swiss chocolatier recently claimed that he has cracked the technique to end the leaking of the sticky brown chocolate from the chocolate wrappers on sunny days, reports

Barry Callebaut, a Zurich-based company, has begun selling a heat-resistant concoction that stays solid in temperatures up to 38 degree celsius.

The chocolatier claimed their chocolate is being specifically aimed at the countries with tropical climates.

However, Australia’s famous confectionary manufacturers warned that non- melting bars could minimize the pleasure of eating chocolates.

Moreover, the global list of the most veritable chocolate lovers is dominated by European countries, but India being territorially closer to Australia is anxious to join this league.