Monday , May 29 2017
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Saudi students in Turkey fear worsening situation

JEDDAH: Saudi scholarship students in Turkey are growing more concerned about the worsening situation in the country due to clashes among the Turkish Army, Kurdish separatist forces and Daesh.
Students have noted increased prejudice against Arabs among Turks inside and outside their schools. Many Turks accuse Arabs of causing economic problems in the country over the past two years.
According to one student, racist feelings against Arabs are evident in major cities and towns along the Syrian border. Turkey’s entry into the war against Daesh will increase these anti-Arab feelings, especially if Daash commits terrorist acts in Turkish cities.
Over the last week, the student said terrorist acts in Turkey have been happening on a daily basis. He noted that the internal political situation is worsening and universities are becoming a place for demonstrations.
Last year, both Ankara and Istanbul witnessed several incidents which led to the closure of universities and injuries to students.
The student said the Saudi cultural attaché had provided special transportation for students from their educational establishments to homes after a Saudi man and his wife were attacked.
Concerning academic programs in Turkish universities, he said all scholarship students are studying in English but that a number of university professors do not adhere to this policy and instead teach in Turkish.
The Saudi Cultural Mission has received complaints after students failed to resolve the issue with professors and university administrations who did not address the issue, he said.
The Saudi ambassador in Ankara, Adel Mirdad, has yet to respond to requests for comment.



–Courtesy “Arab News”