Monday , July 24 2017
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Saudi Arabia appoints its first female honorary consul

Hala Waleed Juffali became the first women to take the charge of honorary consul in Saudi Arabia following her appointment to the position by Saint Lucia.

The office of the honorary consul was opened in Jeddah as part of Saint Lucia’s efforts to expand its diplomatic presence in the Middle East.

Saint Lucia is an island in the Eastern Caribbean. Saint Lucia is famous for its natural beauty where visitors can sense the history, enjoy the white sand, rainy forests and vibes of musical festivals, and experience the generous hospitality of its English-speaking people.
Upon obtaining the approval from Saudi authorities, Juffali started working at her office from Nov.1.

Prior to assuming office, Juffali visited Saint Lucia and met with government officials and governmental entities. The honorary consul office is set to hold a workshop with travel agencies and airlines operating in Saudi Arabia.