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Salman retracts Memon tweet, but isn’t repentant, says ‘disappointed’ Ujjwal Nikam

New Delhi: Reacting to Salman Khan’s retraction of his controversial tweet on 1993 Mumbai terror blasts convict Yakub Memon, Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam on Sunday said that he is disappointed with the move and claimed that the actor doesn’t regret his remark.

“I am disappointed with Salman’s today’s withdrawal tweet. I have seen two kinds of people. The first one consisting of people who accepts that they have wronged and realize that and are repentant. Making mistakes is a human nature and is only done by common men,” Nikam told ANI.

“But the second category consists of people who realize they have made a mistake but don’t regret it and adamantly sticks to their statement. Salman belongs to this second category,” he added.

“He (Salman) said that his father said that’s why he is withdrawing his statement. Don’t you have any repentance? I respect his father because his father frankly said it. Why is he taking his father’s support? He is doing this because he still isn’t ready to accept that he has made a mistake. This is a very shameful thing,” he pointed out.

“Thus, Salman should now withdraw his whole statement about innocent person getting hanged because this message will reach to his fandom that Salman bhai is saying and this bhaijaan is saying that this person is innocent. This is just a baseless statement. I want him to feel guilty,” Nikam further said.

Salman today took it to his Twitter page to say “my dad called and said I should retract my tweets as they have the potential to create misunderstanding. I hereby retract them. I would like to unconditionally apologise for any misunderstanding I may have created unintentionally.

“I also strongly condemn those who are claiming my tweets are anti religious. I have always said I respect all faiths and I always will,” he added. (ANI)