Saturday , July 22 2017
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Sabarimala temple erected machine to scan ‘Menstruating Women’, sparks #HappyToBleed campaign’

The Sabarimala temple in Kerala is known to be very famous and largest of the pilgrimage places in India. For many years women’s entry into the Sabarimala temple has been a subject of controversy. As the temple authorities consider the Menstruating women as unclean and impure.

The new Travancore Devaswom Board President who has taken charge two days ago has landed himself in trouble over the same issue. He said women will be allowed to Sabarimala after the invention of the machine which scan the purity of the women.

In response to his comment the young women Nikita Azad launched a campaign in the name of ‘Happy To Bleed’ which has gone viral on the Facebook as a “counter campaign”. It states that menstruation is a natural activity, it doesn’t need any curtains to hide behind.

Women in all walks of life protests against the temple authorities towards the normal human process in ‘Happy to Bleed’ page which urges women to, ‘hold placards/sanitary napkins/charts saying Happy To Bleed, take their pictures, upload it to their profiles, and send it to us, in order to oppose the shame game played by patriarchal society since ages’.

” Devaswom chief of Sabrimala temple, Kerala has given a sexist statement that once purity checking machines are invented, that check whether it is “right time” or not, (whether women are menstruating or not) are invented, he will think about letting women enter. By this statement, he has reinforced misogyny and strengthened myths that revolve around women,” says the statement posted on the Happy To Bleed page.