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Russian jet not shot down despite breach of Israeli airspace

Jerusalem, Nov. 30 : A Russian jet infiltrated Israeli airspace by ‘mistake’ and immediately turned around back to Syria when the Russians were notified.

According to the Dawn, the jet wasn’t shot down because of an open communication system between the two countries. The tensions continue to flare between Ankara and Moscow after Turkish troops downed a Russian warplane.

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon said there has been one incident so far of a Russian plane entering Israeli airspace and added that it was “immediately corrected in the communications channel”.

He further expressed his faith in Moscow, saying the Russian planes ‘don’t intend to attack us and therefore there is no need to automatically, even if there is some kind of mistake, shoot them down’.

Ya’alon added that the Russians notify Israel ahead of time when they will get close to the country’s airspace.

“Just as we don’t interfere with their operations and we don’t get involved, as a policy, in what is happening in Syria, they also don’t interfere with us flying and acting in accordance with our interests,” he said. (ANI)