Saturday , May 27 2017
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UP roadways bus arrested for smuggling liquor

Mathura: The crew of Mathura-bound UP roadways bus was today caught red-handed for allegedly smuggling Haryana-made liquor, officials said.

“The crew has confessed that the liquor nabbed was purchased at Faridabad. It has not disclosed the name of the party, instead claimed that it was carriedfor personal use,” According to District Excise officer Pawan Kumar,.

“It is presumed that it was smuggled for the use in ensuing Panchayat elections,” Kumar said.

A case has been registered against conductor Surendra Singh and driver Vinod Singh for smuggling 10 boxes of liquor, he said.

“While the cost of the party special liquor in Haryana is Rs 260 per bottle, it is sold in Mathura at Rs 580 to 600 per bottle,” he stated.

Two boxes of Rajasthan-made liquor was seizedfrom a lady in Kallo of Magorra town by the police at Magorra police station this morning, police said.

According to Kumar, the total cost of the liquor seized from different places today for the use in Panchayat elections is about 4.5 lakh.