Monday , July 24 2017
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Riots at Temple Mount after radical raises Israeli flag

Jerusalem: Riots broke out at the Temple Mount on Tuesday after several Palestinians tried to prevent a Jewish nationalist from raising an Israeli flag at the inter-religious site.

Two Palestinians were wounded and five were detained by Israeli security forces at the site, which is sacred to both Muslims and Jews.

The Temple Mount houses Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, and is the third holiest site in Islam (after Mecca and Medina), while it is also the Noble Sanctuary in the Jewish tradition; the most important site in the religion and thought to be the location of several historical temples.

Located in East Jerusalem, it is managed by Jordanian authorities and, according to an agreement signed by Israel, access to Muslims is restricted for most of the day, although two times a day, tourists and non-Jews are allowed to enter.

The restricted visitations are considered a provocation by Palestinians, and often cause riots and clashes with the police.