Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Resolve issues with India and agitators through dialogue: Nepal Minister

Agartala: A senior Minister of Nepal suggested that the souring relation between India and Nepal as well as the ongoing agitation, which has totally collapsed the economic activities in the Himalayan nation beside creating crisis of essential item including – food grains, fuel and medicine, can be resolved through dialogue.

Speaking to ANI in the sideline of the three-day international seminar on India’s North Eastern Region and Buddhist Heritage here, the Cultural, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister of Nepal Ananda Prasad Pokharel said, “All economic activities are closed including industries as all raw materials go from India. We are in a hard situation, I hope government of India and especially Prime Minister Modi will understand our problem to stop these things. I request by the media also we can discuss and solve our misunderstanding through dialogue.”

“I have come here to show them our interest and harmonize our relationship. I want to recall the India government that we are always positive to make good relation between India and Nepal. That’s why I am here as goodwill gesture. This programme is not actually organized by the government of India but supported by the government of India, I have come here to show my keen interest to solve the problem which is created in the border of Nepal,” he added.

The Nepal Minister said that though the present crisis going on in his nation is totally an internal issue and can be resolved within, but a section of the political party for gaining political mileage is trying to involve India along with it.

“Do not use the name of India as government of India does not want to intervene in the situation. Always Madhesi base parties use the name of India.that is not the way to make a good relationship. Government of India and its people do not want to keep good relationship with one part, they want to keep good relationship with whole part of Nepal. That’s why I request the Madhesi base parties not to use the name of India. It is our internal affairs, we can solve our problem,” Pokharel said.

The Madhesi political parties and indigenous groups of the Nepal Terai have been agitating against the country’s new Constitution which they deem discriminatory.

They are demanding, among others, a redrawing of the boundaries of the provinces in the Himalayan nation as proposed in the new Constitution, and restoration of rights granted to Madhesis in the interim constitution of 2007 which the new charter has snatched away.

Due to protests and demonstrations at the border, thousands of Nepal-bound freight vehicles are stuck on the Indian side of the border. This has brought the economy of the landlocked Himalayan nation to a grinding halt.

Requesting the agitators to stop their agitation and economic blockage the Minister of the Himalayan nation added that throughout the globe there are several incidents of a constitution failing to fulfil the aspiration of the people of that nation and so there is always the provision of amending the Constitution as per necessity and the desire of the people. (ANI)