Monday , July 24 2017
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Remove misconceptions about Islam: Scholars

Various scholars and intellectuals are of the view that studies should be undertaken in order to measure the extent of radicalisation in Muslim community in India in order to create strategies to counter terrorist organisations even as they stressed that the misconceptions about Islam should be removed.

These scholars were participating in a three-day conference organised by RCA girls PG College, Mathura on the theme ‘How to understand and coexist with radical Islam’.

“Most speakers felt that there is misconception about Islam. Intellectuals should take lead to make people aware about the real essence of Islam,”Conference Director Preeti Johari said.

“Serious studies should be carried out to measure the extent of radicalisation in Muslim community in India, in order to chalk out an effectivestrategy to counter the danger of ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram etc,” she said.

Condemning the ghastly attack by terrorists in Paris, former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Justice Rajender Sacchar said, “While every individual feels the pain and suffering of the families of those killed and injured, the air bombing in Syria by France is also unacceptable.”

He said strife in the world should not be attributed to alleged extremism of Islam and said an impartial assessment disproves claims that the religion is an inherently a radicalized one.

Former DG BSF Prakash Singh said organisations like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba are threat to democratic values of the country and though it is a world-wide problem, radical Islam considers India a fertile land for its activities, he said.

Author Javed Jamil heldthe media responsible for more publicity to ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organisations.

The conference which ended yesterday was attended by over five dozen speakers.