Monday , May 29 2017
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Ravula Alleges KCR Interested only in his Family, Khandan

Alleging that the Telangana state government has changed the tender rules only to give the contract to the TRS activists, T-TDP senior leader Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy asserted that the Chief Minister had a day long meeting with the contractors and real estate businessmen for the sake of commissions.


Speaking to the media at NTR Trust Bhavan here on Sunday, Ravula alleged that the Chief Minister was ruling the state in the manner that he was interested only  about him, his family and his Khandan. The ruling TRS party was trying to ridicule  the democracy to win the local body MLC elections by making other parties’ public representatives to join TRS party, he alleged. The ruling party was  indulging in blackmail politics to make other political parties representatives to join TRS party by threatening them that they  get funds only  in case they joined TRS party.

Finding fault with the Chief Minister for saying that the opposition parties have to respect the peoples’ verdict in Warangal by-election, Ravula questioned KCR as to why the latter forced the TDP Municipal Chairman to join TRS. “Why the TRS party leaders forgot to respect the public verdict in Khammam district”, he asked.

Alleging that that the TRS government was ignoring the suicide of farmers, Ravula said that the TRS party was concentrating only on making the other parties leaders to join their party. The Chief Minister’s Camp Office, which is meant for the resolution of public issues, has turned as a center for real estate businessmen, contractors and for leaders joining TRS party. (NSS)