Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Rajnath Singh confident that Indian Muslims’ ‘Taleem’ will protect them from ISIS

New Delhi: Expressing confidence that IS cannot gain foothold in India, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that families of those Muslim youth lured to join the militant outfit will stop them.

Singh was addressing ‘Taleem ki Taquat’ (strength of training), a conference in Lucknow on how education helps empower and energise communities.

“Being the Home Minister of the country, I am telling you my brothers and sisters, Hindustan is the only place where if a Muslim youth wants to join IS, his Muslim family will stop him in the name of Islam,” said Singh, emphasising on the strength of Indian culture.

He also cited example of a Mumbai-based family which rushed to him after their son had expressed his wish to join IS.

Amid the ongoing debate on intolerance, Singh praised Indian culture saying it has been the most tolerant to all communities.

Singh said nothing but Indian ‘taleem’ (training) can put an end to the crisis of terrorism and intolerance sweeping across the world as India worships values and that practice must go on.

In November, India warned of IS using regional militant groups to mount strikes in the country.

Despite India’s large Muslim population, IS has only been able to draw a handful of recruits from the country, although security officials say they don’t have a full picture, and that there could be more youth getting radicalised.