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Rajasthan Govt. trying to ‘saffronise’ education: Sachin Pilot

Jaipur, Nov. 5 : Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Thursday accused Vasundhara Raje-led BJP Government in Rajasthan of trying to saffronise education by omitting Urdu writers from the Hindi text books.

“I think it is an absolute blatant example of how the BJP in Rajya Sabha in Rajasthan state is trying to saffronise education. The government of Rajasthan is trying to twist history to suit its own ideology. You are taking out the names of Urdu poets, historians and any kind of written curriculum written by a non-Hindu is being excluded only on the basis that the person is a Muslim or a non-Hindu is absolutely condemnable,” Pilot told ANI here.

“The attempt of the politicization of the history, of our culture, keeping in view the education and course curriculum is absolutely regrettable,” he added.

Pilot further said the government has no right to interfere in what the children should study and added that there should be an expert committee to take a final call in this regard.

“Now, the attempt is to somehow saffronise and to somehow push and to endorse a certain ideology and to exclude some on the basis of religion is absolutely unacceptable. To my mind, the state of Rajasthan and nation will reject such attempts,” said Pilot

In its ongoing mission to revolutionize school education, the Rajasthan Government plans to omit from Hindi text books the stories and poems written by noted Urdu writers Ismat Chugtai and Safdar Hashmi and short narratives that revolve around Muslim characters.

This move has also drawn flak from the educationists. (ANI)