Saturday , May 27 2017
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Rahul’s attack on Modi

In a veiled attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today said he and other leaders are not listening to the voice of people as they believe they have the power and take all the decisions.

“They are not listening to you because they believe they have the power. It is because they have the power, they don’t need to listen to you.

“It is because people around them make them believe that all the answers come from them. They believe that because they are the ones sitting in the CM’s house, in the PM’s house, they are the ones taking decisions and they believe they don’t need to listen to you,” he said addressing a public meeting to celebrate the birth centenary of the late K Kamaraj, a chief minister who rose to become AICC President.

“May be sitting in the CM’s house for so many years they have forgotten something. It is when they are in power, listening becomes most important,” Gandhi said.

Earlier in Delhi, Rahul claimed that Modi’s credibility was on the decline and said the Prime Minister should listen to the voices of the people of the country who are demanding an answer from him over controversies confronting the government.

“The Prime Minister had assured the country that he will not tolerate corruption. His words should carry weight. But he speaks in air, he speaks whatever comes to his mind, his credibility is slowly declining.

“We asked the PM what he thinks about Lalit Modi. We got no answer. We got no answer on the Vyapam scam, no answer on Chhattisgarh and no answer on Sushma,” he told reporters outside Parliament.

Rahul also attacked the political leadership in Tamil Nadu, including the Chief Minister whom he did not name, saying people of the state including the youth, poor and women were suffering as their voice was not being heard by their leaders.

He also hit out at the regional parties over the money they make from the liquor trade and invoked Kamaraj to ask people to help bring the Congress party to power which will try and install the “golden era of Kamaraj” back in Tamil Nadu.

“It is when they are in power that listening becomes most important. Forget about listening, the current leaders of the regional parties don’t even meet the people of Tamil Nadu. Some don’t even go out of their house and outside their houses in the streets of Tamil Nadu people are suffering,” he said.