Saturday , May 27 2017
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Psycho attacks women injecting syringe

Police in Andhra Pradesh are hunting for an unidentified biker who has pricked at least nine women in the past week with the syringe needle in the West Godavari district.

      The first case was reported on August 22 and on Tuesday and Wednesday few more cases has been reported .”We have intensified our hunt to nab the offender who seems to be a pervert enjoying his prank,” said Bhaskar Bhushan, superintendent of police, West Godavari.

The contents of the liquid injected into the bodies by the psycho are yet to be known. A syringe was recovered during one of the attack and doctors have sent it to Hyderabad lab for testing.

Special teams have also been formed to find the culprit, with the help of local residents, and the police have announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh to anyone helping in the identification of the suspect.