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Pope Francis`s take on `plates flying` between husbands and wives

Vatican Pope

Washington D.C: Pope Francis, who is on a historic two-day visit to Philadelphia, capped the Festival of Families on Saturday by discussing his own vision of the family.

Speaking before a huge crowd on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the pontiff said that the Bible says that the most beautiful thing that God did was the family.

Pope Francis further talked about the role families played in the Bible, from Adam and Eve to Cain and Abel to Mary and Joseph, and how family and love can help overcome problems.

He said “Some of you might say, ‘Father, you speak because you’re not married,’ adding “Families have difficulties. Families will quarrel. Sometimes plates can fly. And children bring headaches. I don’t want to speak about mothers-in-law. But in families, there is always light.”

The pontiff noted that in the family, there are indeed difficulties, but those difficulties are overcome with love.

He further said: “Family is beautiful, but there’s effort involved, and there are problems. Husbands and wives quarrel, and end up badly, separated. Never let the day end without making peace. Let’s protect the family, because it’s in the family that our future is at play.”

Before his talk, the pope heard the testimonials of families from around the world. (ANI)