Friday , July 28 2017
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Police to watch live telecast of all dance bars

Mumbai: In order to reopen dance bars in Mumbai, the state government has drafted new rules and regulations.

According to report published in Mumbai Mirror, if the rules are approved, then every dance bar must install CCTVs with the feed beamed live to the nearest police station.

The regulation in the draft restricts the number of dancers on the floor. A minimum distance of two meters should be maintained between the performers and the audience and limiting the age to be at least 18 to perform in a dance bar.

There will no-smoking zones and no customer is permitted to shake a leg with the dancers and threw money at them.

“The new rules are aimed at making sure there is no vulgarity and the dancers’ dignity is not compromised in anyway. Also, there should be no scope for exploitation of women,” said Principal Secretary (home) Vijay Satbir Singh.

In October, the Supreme Court puts on hold a law banning dance bars by the state government as it violated bar dancers’ right to earn a livelihood.

With cops watching, let’s see how many customers would turn up at dance bars to indulge in what they call ‘pleasure’.