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Police Issue Rules for Formation of Residents Assns

In exercise of the powers conferred on him, M. Mahendar Reddy, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City, today issued the “Rules For Formation Of Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) by Local Residents for assisting Police in regulating Traffic of all Kinds in their Localities, 2015”.

The people residing in each Locality are advised to form a Society in coordination with Inspector of Police of Local jurisdictional Traffic Police Station, duly registered under the Societies Registration Act, known as Residents Welfare Association, indicating a specific name and location where it is formed by incorporating the guidelines as listed out below in addition to the general Aims and Objects of the Society.

The Association/Society shall consist of members not less than five, elected/nominated by the residents of the locality who have zeal for achieving the common good through administration of the society.The Association/Society shall have weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings in coordination with local Traffic Police to discuss, plan and execute matters relating to smooth flow of traffic, regulation of parking on the streets in accordance with various laws/rules relevant for this purpose without causing inconvenience or annoyance to others, measures to be taken to prevent crime in the locality etc.,The Association/Society shall function in coordination and cooperation with the jurisdictional Traffic Police, for achieving the objectives of Association/Society. The local Traffic police officials shall extend necessary help, support and advice, to the Association/Society and its members, inter alia, in achieving the said objectives.

The Association/Society shall take measures to obtain the willing cooperation of all its members achieving the objectives of the society, in accordance with various laws/rules relevant in this regard, that is to say, smooth flow of Traffic, regulation of parking of vehicles and such other legally permissible acts as may be beneficial to the inhabitants of the locality from Traffic Regulation Point of view. The Traffic Police and the Members of the Residents Welfare Association shall have regular meetings at any public or private place or in the residence of any members of the Society, in the locality without causing any hindrance or inconvenience to the residents in the streets.

If any resident has violated the directions of the Society in the process of achieving the objectives of the society, in spite of issuing a compliance notice by the Residential Welfare Association, the matter may be brought to the notice of the concerned Inspector of Police, Traffic Police Station, who will take further necessary action as per law.

The aims of the Association/Society

To aid the Police in taking measures for regulating traffic of all kinds, in public street or public places, and regulating the use of streets and public places by persons walking, driving, cycling or accompanying or leading cattle, with a view to prevent danger, inconvenience or obstruction to the public. To aid the Police in taking measures for regulating the condition under which vehicles may be parked in public streets and public streets, and the use of public streets as temporary halting places for cattle, vehicles etc.,To implement any other activity which is incidental and necessary for the welfare of the resident members of the locality from effective Traffic Regulation Police of view.

MEMBERSHIP:- All the House/Flat owners are eligible to enrol themselves as members of the Association/Society. In case where the owners are not residing in the House/Flat, the tenant will represent the owner and deemed to be members of the Association/Society.(NSS)