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PM Modi’s message on terrorism powerful, says Akbar

New Delhi, Sept. 28, (ANI): Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the Indian community on Sunday, Bharatiya Janata Party national spokesperson M.J. Akbar said on Monday that he had given a powerful message on terrorism, that there could not be any compromise with evil, and that those nations, or people who would try to differentiate and nuance this, would be hurt badly because of their duplicity.

Akbar said it was a very important message that Prime Minister Modi would repeat when he goes back to the United Nations in New York.

When told that the Prime Minister’s speech had made the Congress Party angry, Akbar said, “The Congress gets angry because it is guilty. It has such a history of continuous, relentless and unimaginable corruption. Remember, the scale of 2G scam – 1.76 thousand crores, and coal mines corruption – 200 thousand crores of rupees, can you imagine just in two such scams nearly 400 thousand crores of rupees was taken away by just one party – the ruling party.”

He, however, said the most important element of the Prime Minister’s speech was the development of the nation and prosperity of every Indian.

Reacting to Pakistan’s effort to internationalise the Kashmir issue, Akbar said, “Pakistan believes that by going back, it can also go forward, it doesn’t happen. The fact that Kashmir is a bilateral issue is now a well-established Indo-Pak discourse, and Pakistan cannot hope to move forward by slipping back.” (ANI)