Tuesday , August 22 2017
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PM Modi seeks advice of incompetent ministers: Jethmalani

New Delhi: Former union minister and jurist Ram Jethmalani on Monday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks no advice except from his incompetent ministers, who are acting like illiterates.

Jethmalani, who was commenting on Prime Minister Modi’s meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines of the Conference of Parties or COP21 in Paris, said it in his personal opinion New Delhi should never stop talking to Islamabad.

“We must talk to Pakistan but the things which you have to tell Pakistan are not being said. So, now Mr. Modi seeks no advice except from his incompetent ministers. I will write on my blog what they should talk to Pakistan. They don’t even know. They are acting like illiterates if you ask me,” Jethmalani told ANI here.

“Make your position very clear , and this is what you have to say. We have entered into a deal with Hurriyat leaders which said that all violence, war, terrorism are a taboo. The solution will have to be found only either by negotiation or by arbitration or by reference to the international court,” he added.

Jethmalani further said Prime Minister Modi has taken on the whole government to himself.

“Nobody knows what is happening and I don’t even know in what language he is talking to the people there. And the question is what are you telling them, have you told that the Pakistan problem has been solved four times, more than four times and the only course now is to tell Pakistan are you prepared to go to the international court of justice. And even decide that, is there anything to talk about. The problem is, and I am sorry to say, that our politicians in power are as illiterate as the previous ones,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi shook hands and talked with his Pakistani counterpart for a few minutes in Paris today, as the 21st session of COP21, the global summit on climate change, began.

After shaking hands, the two leaders sat next to each other and Sharif was seen listening attentively as Prime Minister Modi spoke to him. (ANI)