Friday , July 28 2017
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Photographers depict Afghan lives at exhibition in Delhi

New Delhi: A group of Afghan photographers showcased the life and culture of war-torn Afghanistan at a photo exhibition being held in the national capital.

A Delhi-based publication called PIX invited over 12 artists from all over the world to showcase their work on Afghanistan at a photo exhibition titled “Renewal”.

Through these images, the artists attempted to illustrate different accounts of culture, life and struggle of the Afghan people in the war torn areas. The photo exhibition will also help portray the positive image of Afghanistan to the world.

Shamsia Hussani, a graffiti artist based in Kabul, and Mujaheda Khowajazada, an Iranian Art teacher at Kabul University, are among those participating in the exhibition.

Nandita Jai Shankar, Editor of the PIX magazine, said many artists have come forward and talked about their work openly since the end of Taliban regime in the country.

“We wanted to encourage (them) and coming up students as well as the people who worked in Afghanistan for some time to showcase their work and to respond to this idea of renewal,” she said.

“Culture is the wonderful way to foster positive relations between the countries and people and I think photography is the universal language that allows the people to exchange ideas and I think it would nice if India and Afghanistan can collaborate more with culture. And I hope exhibition like this will play a role in that,” she added.

PIX magazine has also brought a special Afghanistan edition of these photographs.