Saturday , May 27 2017


We are sending this press note with sadness, frustration and anger. Recently, the suicides of farmers haveincreased dramatically, with the lack of rains and lost crops. We call him “Annadaatha” because he feeds us every day with his sweat and efforts, but today there is no one to rescue him and support him.

Though we live in America today, most of us hailed, grew up in villages in the middle of farms and cattle. Our memories are still fresh about our childhood life where a village is a self-sustained entity and farmer lived with dignity, always giving to other, but never expecting anything from others. The successive govts. lopsided policies and failing seasons, made him a beggar.

Last week, just in one day 9 farmers committed suicide. Why? It is time for introspection for us. It is time o come out and support our farmers. We appeal our farmers not to commit suicide. We appeal our govts. both state and Center to come to the rescue of the farmers. Not only helping the families of farmers who committed suicide, but also to roll out some measures and educative and awareness programs so that farmers will not commit suicide. We appeal to all our NRI friends to show solidarity with our farmers, who are backbone of our

Please help us to share our concern, anguish and solidarity to the farmers, who are distressed

through your esteemed publication, so that their morale gets stronger.