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Pattas issued on Wakf land of Masjid Chiyunti Shah should be cancelled

Hyderabad: Once registered under wakf, lands always remain the property of Allah (SWT). The nature of such wakf lands can’t be changed but in our city, the process of altering the status of Wakf lands has started. If this process is not discouraged at this stage, the governments, in future, might usurp wakf lands easily by changing them as “Parambok lands” meaning Govt. property or the land grabbers might inhabit on these lands.

Deccan Wakf Properties Protection Society has found a wakf property at Osman Pura (Azampura) which has been treated as government property by the Collector of Hyderabad and patta certificates were issued to the tenants. President of Deccan Wakf Properties Protection Society, Mr. Osman bin Mohammed-al-Hajiri and Mr. Syed Kareemuddin Shakeel say that there are wakf lands and graveyard attached to Masjid Chiyunti Shah, located at Osmanpura. The details of these Wakf lands are entered in A.P. Gazette No.7 dt. 16-02-1984.

According to Mr. Osman bin Mohammed-al-Hajiri, the said wakf land admeasuring 8142 sq. meters includes Masjid Chiyunti Shah, graveyard and many houses. Many tenants are paying rents to Masjid Committee whereas some of the tenants are not paying rents also.

In a letter submitted to Collector of Hyderabad, the President of Deccan Wakf Protection Society indicated that Collector of Hyderabad through his proceedings No. 12/905/GYP/2015/3 dt. 28-3-2015 changed this wakf land into Govt. property and issued patta certificates to the tenants which are illegal. No Govt. employee has any right to change wakf land into Parambok land.

Deccan Wakf Protection Society demands that the patta certificates issued to tenants should not only be cancelled but the orders issued by the Collector should also be withdrawn.

The details of Wakf land including Masjid Chiyunti Shah and graveyard were earlier entered in Endowment’s file number c4/46/2129. Its “Muntakhab”, number 232 dt. 29th Meher 1337 Fasli is entered in Gazette number 7, dt. 16th February 1984.

On the representation of the Masjid Committee, the CEO of A.P. State Wakf Board issued a letter on 14-10-2015 addressed to Sub-Registrar in which it was brought to his notice that Patta certificates have been issued on Wakf lands belonging to Masjid Chiyunti Shah which need to be cancelled.

Meanwhile, in a reply to RTI question, Tehsildar of Charminar admitted that the applications of 19 persons were received and out of them, patta certificates were issued to 14 individuals.

If the Muslims remain quiet on such attempts Wakf lands in and around Hyderabad would be changed to Govt. lands by issuing patta certificates to various individuals. Crores of rupees would change hands illegally.

–Siasat News