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Paternal uncle’s wife throws infant into pit leaving her dead

In a gruesome and inhuman incident occurred at Talab Katta, a woman threw her brother-in-law’s 6-month old daughter into a pit, leaving her dead. The girl was retrieved from water and rushed to the hospital where doctors declared her brought death. According to details Mohammed Ismail a cook resides at Talab Katta Street no 4. This is a joint family comprising of 4 brothers.

According to police Khadijatul Kubra was the daughter of Ismail. Ismail married to Haleem Begum one and a half years ago. The other day Haleema had gone to visit her relatives living in her neighbourhood leaving the infant at house. She had asked her brother-in-law’s daughters, who were busy studying, to look after the child. Meanwhile Khadija started crying, the girls went to call Khadija’s mother. When they returned Khadija was not in the house. Haleema searched for the baby in the entire house but in vain. She also asked in her neighbourhood but no one knew the whereabouts of the child. Suddenly she looked at water pit in the house and found her baby there. She rushed the baby to the hospital but doctors declared her brought death.

Initially Ismail thought it was an accidental death but when police interrogated it was revealed that Arshiya Begum (wife of Ismail’s elder brother) was responsible for the death. Bhavani Nagar police took Arshiya Begum into custody. Relating the cause of murder Deputy Commissioner of Police South Zone Mr. Satyanarayana told that Arshiya and Haleema Begum had frequent quarrels over domestic work. To take revenge with her sister-in-law Arshiya killed the infant.

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